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Locarno Pro is the landmark for film industry professionals attending Locarno Film Festival

Gathering under its wings the different initiatives and services that professionals have been accessing over the years, Locarno Pro aims to enhance and deepen connections between the diverse players circulating around films in the Festival.

Locarno Pro plays an active, 360° role in the support of auteur cinema: whether launching a new project or extending and optimizing existing services and initiatives, the goal is always to support sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, producers and filmmakers in their respective tasks, ranging from the conception to the release of independent arthouse films in different areas of the world.

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The Locarno Pro days are over, we hope you enjoyed this 2021 edition and we look forward to seeing you next year! While waiting for 2022, you can continue to enjoy the online content in the Locarno Pro Reserved Area.
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Open Doors 2021

Closing the cycle on Southeast Asia and Mongolia

Open Doors explores cinema in Southeast Asia and Mongolia via a co-production platform, a producers’ Lab and a non-competitive screening section taking place in August, plus year-round activities including Consultancy services and a knowledge-sharing platform (ToolBox).

From 2019 until 2021, the Open Doors section is spotlighting film projects, talents and film producers from the following countries: Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Mongolia.

The main program of Open Doors consists of three parallel activities taking place during Locarno 74, from 5 to 10 August 2021.