Print run 15’000 copies
English, Italian, German and French
Distributed to all accredited guests and Festival Pass-holders, sold for CHF 5.- at the Festival’s Info Points in Locarno, and available on the Festival's website.

2024 data

The official catalogue of the Locarno Film Festival is a valuable travel companion for following the event and creating one’s own itinerary between the various events. It contains all the information and plots of the films, the program and profiles of the award-winning personalities and juries. Each year, its contents are added to the archive of past editions of the Festival. 
It can be found at all official venues and meeting points of the event.


(CHF, excl. VAT)
3rd cover 4’800.–
Full page (171 x 275 mm) 4’000.–
Half page (171 x 134 mm) 2’500.–
1/3 of a page (171 x 85 mm) 1’800.–

Any advertising space purchased for the print version will automatically be published in the digital version of the publication.

Advertisement eligibility will be determined by the Festival on the basis of exclusivity agreements with its official partners.


Advertising submission deadline: 24 June 2024.

  • Format: 200 x 300 mm
  • Paper: white cover offset 250 gm2
  • Volume: cut and milled with 3mm parapet
  • Print: end of July
  • Pages: 216 + 4 cover pages

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