La France contre les Robots

Film di chiusura

Switzerland  ·  2020  ·  DCP 2K  ·  Color  ·  10'  ·  o.v. French


Saturday 15 | 8 | 2020, 20:30  ·  GranRex  ·  Sub. Italian

Cerimonia di chiusura – Closing Ceremony

A man walks slowly along a lakeshore. The man takes the walk twice, with the two takes differing in terms of light, sound, perceptions. Twice the man recites the same passage from the essay La France contre les robots, written by Georges Bernanos late in 1944, a disarmingly topical evocation of the Revolution against the established order. Twice the same warning is repeated: “A world won for Technology is lost for Liberty”.




Jean-Marie Straub

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