To Put Out One Fire

directed by Jela Hasler
produced by Olivier Zobrist (Langfilm, Switzerland)

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Project information

Jela Hasler
Jela Hasler and Rebecca Martin
Director's Filmography 
La Gravidité
by Jela Hasler (Switzerland, in postproduction)
On Solid Ground by Jela Hasler (Switzerland, 2021)
Les nouvelles Èves by Camille Budin, Annie Gisler, Jela Hasler, Thaïs Odermatt, Anna Thommen, Wendy Pillonel (Switzerland, 2021)

Olivier Zobrist (Switzerland)

Producer's Filmography: 
L’Amour du monde by Jenna Hasse (Switzerland, 2023)
On Solid Ground by Jela Hasler (Switzerland, 2021)
The New Gospel by Milo Rau (Switzerland, 2020)
Moskau Einfach! by Micha Lewinsky (Switzerland, 2020)