For the Future

of Films

August 5-15, 2020

For the Future of Films is the 2020 edition of the Locarno Film Festival. This special edition, designed to be a "year zero", gathering films and viewers in the great digital Piazza that is the world wide web and in our local theaters. The audience will connect from all over the world to discover premieres, support the films of tomorrow and explore projects aimed at promoting the Festival’s values and history. The future begins now, and Locarno will always be on the side of cinema.






Three minutes to recount an unthinkable year and an unpredictable edition. Locarno 2020, in theaters and online, ends like this. See you on August 4. Thus begins Locarno74. Sort of...

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An act of responsibility towards the present and a call of hope towards the future: this is the idea behind Locarno 2020. Here are the messages of the Festival's leading figures for this special edition.

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In this exceptional year the Locarno Film Festival has changed shape to meet the most urgent needs of the film industry. The resulting transformation, although imposed by external circumstances, has allowed us to launch a series of innovative projects that are destined to be models of inspiration for future editions of the Festival and for the culture sector as a whole.