News  ·  01 | 08 | 2018

Carlo Chatrian

  1. Locarno 71 opens under the banner of the kind of comedy that overturns the roles and makes two fugitives seem likeable or an aspiring actor pass as a Paralympic basketball player. We know, however, that in deception there is always a seed of truth. And that seeing reality upside down often has a healthy effect.
  2. Laurel&Hardy (live music) is one of the highlights of the retrospective dedicated to Leo McCarey, a great filmmaker who is a world to be explored through the classic Hollywood genres. 
  3. The seasons pass and the ways in which films are produced and watched change, but the family remains one of the favourite subjects of cinema and the link between the films at Locarno 71. A Family Tour and Tarde para morir joven focus on two women: a director who lives with the pain of being separated from her mother, and a girl during a summer of passage and living a moment of great freedom.
  4. History is the great obsession of the twentieth century, expressed by an art capable of capturing every moment of life, both public and private. Personal memories and a collective epic form the axis on which SOBRE TUDO SOBRE NADA and Ora e sempre riprendiamoci la vita. The first is a first-person film that investigates the relationship with the father, the second a lucid reinterpretation of 1968 and its reflections.
  5. US-Europe round trip. The critic and director Wolf-Eckart Bühler, with a documentary and a fiction with a Straubian flavour, pays tribute to an iconic Hollywood actor, “apocalyptic and integrated”: Sterling Hayden.