News  ·  10 | 08 | 2018

A Glance at Day 10

  1. In a world that is always connected, reality can be a mystery that is difficult to decipher. If the plot of Searching reminds us of the most classic investigation score (a father looking for his missing daughter), the way it's conducted is completely new, because everything we see goes through a filter. That of a monitor.   

  1. Locarno Kids, where the Festival constructs its future, welcoming what will become the audience of tomorrow. It does so with a program of workshops and meetings, to make a change; forbidden to those over 15 years.   

  1. For Ciro Guerra, cinema is still a question of epics. After the fascinating El Abrazo de la Serpiente, the Colombian director assisted by Cristina Gallego, with Pájaros de verano projects us into another extreme universe where the drug trafficking business has begun between desert and forest.  

  1. They are among the most irreverent writers, capable of reversing the assumptions on which our society is based and confronting us with its contradictions. Delépine and Kervern return with a new surreal tale, where they approach everything from new poverty to plastic surgery. 

  1. An Oscar-winning film and a career that travels between France and the United States. The general public remembers him as the seductive "Valentin" in The Artist, Jean Dujardin was born a comic actor. In I Feel Good he dusts his talents down again, for the film that closes this edition in the best possible way, all played on the nuances of comedy.