News  ·  03 | 08 | 2018

Carlo Chatrian

  1. She was the queen of romantic comedy. She has duetted with actors such as Billy Crystal, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks. With the latter in Sleepless in Seattle, she reinterpreted a masterpiece such as Love Affair and An Affair to Remember. In the Piazza, on the other hand, she shows another facet, which looks at the forms of desire and the way in which these decline the female.
  2. Mothers and daughters. Young, brazen like her red-hot hair, she is the star of Radu Muntean's Alice T.. For her, life is a continuous lie, so much so that in the end she loses the sense of her actions. The present, on the other hand, turns into the past for Marcela, embodied by an extraordinary Mercedes Morán in Familia Sumergida.
  3. Freedom of expression as a prism in which the desires and paths of characters able to occupy the central position of the film are reflected. With Menocchio we go back in time among the ghosts to a reform that wanted to silence any independent voice; with L'Epoque instead we stay in a present that, without letting on, undermines the rights of expression of youngsters.
  4. A Bernese aristocrat on an island off the Chilean coast. The nineteenth century dream of a self-sufficient kingdom. Stéphane Goel's Insulaire is a dialogue between the past (through Amalric's voice) and the present of a land where globalisation is making its voice heard. 
  5. The vivid part of the Festival this year: Locarno pro. Where industry professionals meet to organise the existence of the films presented on our screens.