News  ·  03 | 08 | 2018

Go Pro

Professionals that come to Locarno on business this year will find a new, streamlined and efficient structure of the Festival activities related to them.

“Locarno Pro is a more fluid approach towards our guests, who have a unique opportunity to handle their business meetings in Locarno”, Nadia Dresti, Deputy Artistic Director and Head of Locarno Pro explains to LocarnoDaily. “Everything is made clearer from several points of view. It was time to join forces in a sort of mutual hug, that would give in return a much stronger image to our activities, all under the same roof, even if each one of them will keep working individually and independently, with their specific characteristics, but with one single coordinating structure, which helps regarding the logistical side”.

Comprising under the same brand, the by now traditional Locarno sections related to professionals – Open Doors, Industry Screenings, Alliance for Development, First Look, Match Me, StepIn, Industry Academy – Locarno Pro “is a cloud where audiovisual makers can find everything they need; a unique professional universe”.

The role of Locarno in the ever-changing industry is also extremely evident these days: “Our focus is on arthouse cinema, on the plurality of voices and stories, on helping these film find an audience, and test their strength in front of the amazing Locarno public. This is why festivals are still a strong part of this industry – they are a real showcase of talent, and the opportunity of meeting other professionals, of facing the critics, of letting your voice be heard and your film be seen”.

What about the current debate on films coming from alternative distribution platforms? “Our approach is to promote cultural diversity – so we welcome everyone. We do our job as festivals, we stay in our position while welcoming every positive global change in the audiovisual world. Moreover, how important is it for a film to be seen on the big screen? And what better screens than Locarno’s, the biggest in the world?”.

Locarno proves once again to be the ideal meeting point for professionals coming from all over the world to discuss their projects and get to know each other through  individual meetings with potential partners, plenary sessions, panels and discussions, and networking activities.

“And Locarno Pro is such a perfect name” closes Dresti “which represents great internal efficiency and great external clarity”.