News  ·  03 | 08 | 2018

A Love Affair to Remember

Histoire(s) du cinéma

Only a great screenwriter and an elevated mind like Nora Ephron could turn a story about loss and grief into one of the most beloved romantic comedies of our time. Through her incredible capacity of mixing witty dialogues with a bittersweet tone, in Sleepless in Seattle the writer/director portrayed two main characters connected by a sense of emptiness; soul mates who don’t find each other until the iconic ending scene: the challenging aspects of such a plot have been overcome by the unique atmosphere which Ephron was able to create within each line and scene. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are simply perfect in portraying the characters of Annie and Sam; with an elegance and kindness that is required by such poetic psychologies. After When Harry Met Sally... – directed by Rob Reiner – Sleepless in Seattle confirmed that romantic comedy had found new icons with an original point of view and the will to tribute to the history of this genre: specifically in the case of this movie, as it has been inspired by a classic by Leo McCarey, An Affair to Remember. The next, You’ve Got Mail, was inspired by Ernst Lubitsch’s The Shop Around the Corner. The best learning from the best's?