News  ·  06 | 08 | 2018

Seymour, Introduced By Ethan Hawke In Person

Seymour: An Introduction - Histoire(s) du cinéma

This movie (scheduled on August 7th, 14.30, PalaCinema Sala 1) and First Reformed by Paul Schrader (scheduled on same day, 19.00, La Sala) will be introduced by Ethan Hawke in person.


It’s not easy being an artist. It’s hard dealing with the struggle of being creative and sharing this gift with the world everyday. If you’re good and if you’re lucky, it’s satisfying and rewarding most of the time. Yet it’s also important to keep a balance; meaning that sometimes you have to face the audience’s disappointment which might come with some unpleasant consequences. Things that could also happen to an experienced professional like Ethan Hawke; an actor, director, musician and writer who faced an artistic breakdown a few years ago and who suffered from stage fright. Meeting an older fellow artist could be more than helpful and the well-known Jesse of the Before trilogy had this opportunity which brought him a wonderful friendship with the great pianist Seymour Bernstein who helped him to overcome the crisis and consider the relationship with art and performance from a completely different point of view. Seymour: An Introduction is a healing project for Hawke and also for his protagonist; a documentary about the mysterious process of creativity that is often about working hard and trying a little harder again and again. And most of all it’s a sincere declaration of friendship. In this world of gigantic egos it’s reassuring to find such a selfless act of devotion.