News  ·  30 | 01 | 2019

The poster of #Locarno72

The leopard moves. The new edition of the Locarno Film Festival has a face, an image designed by the Jannuzzi Smith studio for the leopard's 72nd time in Locarno. The leopard does, indeed, move. It will keep doing so until August 17, on the walls and on the web, in the catalogue and in Locarno Daily, on the big screen in Piazza Grande and the smaller one on a smartphone. The redesigned leopard hasn't lost its spots, it has become a spot: a trace, a footprint, a sign. Its feline movements will follow and surprise audiences, with constant reinvention and a life of its own, upending the idea of the leopard and of the poster. In black and yellow, of course.

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