News  ·  18 | 03 | 2019

You could be cinema!

Where's the future of cinema? For at least eleven days, one of the possible answers will be Locarno. Applications are now open for Locarno Academy 2019, the August filmmaking workshop. For the tenth year running, the Locarno Film Festival is ready to greet international talents with their eyes set on the film world. Three options are available: filmmaking, criticism and industry. Thus we have the three sides of the Academy: Filmmakers, Critics and Industry, where one can confront, experiment and nurture their ideas and cinema experiences, in a context filled with potential and love for the medium such as the eleven days of the Festival. In addition to the three main branches, there are also the Documentary Summer School and Cinema e Gioventù.

The rich and varied program of the Academy will allow participants to interact with each other and with film professionals who, while usually out of reach, will lend their time for screenings, masterclasses and workshops.Those taking part in the Industry Academy will see the gears in motion as the machine that is the Locarno hub is at full speed, while aspiring writers will be able to converse with, and read themselves in, publications like IndieWire, FilmBulletin, Variety and Locarno Daily. As for the young filmmakers, if we think of the guests from the last few editions alone, they will have the chance to share ideas and thoughts with Jia Zhang-ke, Olivier Assayas, Todd Haynes, Agnès Varda, Wang Bing and Sean Baker.

Yes, Sean Baker, who during Locarno71 helped us imagine what the future of cinema might be, what shape it might take and where it might be located. It's the same future Locarno Academy attendees have dreamed of for ten years, and will talk about again after May 3. 

Click here for all the details on how to apply for Locarno Academy 2019. Applications are open until May 3.


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