News  ·  23 | 04 | 2019

Being Critics!

Some write films, others write about films. But how do you write about cinema? How do you analyze a film? How do you shape and articulate an opinion? The Locarno Critics Academy is meant for those who grab a pen or turn on a computer when the film has been completed, distributed and – most importantly- seen. It’s for those who apply their work, their vision and partly their taste to the work, vision and taste of someone else. With a rich program of workshops, masterclasses and tutorials, the Critics Academy greets ten aspiring film critics and accompanies them on a path in direct contact with professionals from the entire film industry. It’s a moment in which to figure out how to write, through writing. During the Locarno Film Festival, the participants are given the chance to publish their reviews in LocarnoDaily (the Festival’s daily publication), IndieWire, Film Comment, MUBI, Variety, Filmexplorer, Swissinfo and other outlets. 

The new edition of the Locarno Critics Academy will take place on August 7-17 during the 72nd edition of the Locarno Film Festival. Applications are open until May 3