News  ·  23 | 07 | 2019

Locarno Academy 2019

Here are the attendees of Locarno Academy 2019

Here's the Locarno Academy 2019. Or rather, the three Locarno Academies 2019. These are the 42 star players who, spread across Filmmakers, Critics and Industry, will breather life into eleven days of encounters, sharing and growth. Like every year, the Locarno Academies offers the best of cinema to the new generation of filmmakers, critics and professionals. It's a wave of youth coming from all over the world, from Pakistan to Nigeria, from Senegal to Azerbaijan, from Switzerland to Lebanon, selected by the Locarno Film Festival for the Academy days. There will be days, meetings, sometimes even just essential moments to feel like you're part of the world you wish to conquer. The three facets of the Academy in Locarno are a reference point and irreplaceable soul of the Festival that doesn't look towards the future, but rather lives and builds it here, now. 

So here are the talents of this new year of Filmmakers, Critics and Industry, 42 youths from all over the world who will experience, ignite and put their own stamp on the long, rich days of the Locarno72 Academy.