News  ·  11 | 07 | 2019

The Future is Now

Locarno Talks la Mobiliare

How do you plan the future today? How do you imagine tomorrow? What shared feelings can't be overlooked to create the path leading to a common, shared vision? These are some of the questions NOW - the best place to change the future will ask the key players of the third edition of Locarno Talks la Mobiliare.

Three days, five guests, three moderators, one subject: the future, emotionally speaking. We will think of the time to come through the emotions that lead us to sharing visions and hopes. On August 15, 16 and 17, the Locarno Film Festival and la Mobiliare will bring contemporary smarts and sensitivity to the stage of the Spazio Cinema, to have a dialogue with the audience about setting the table for what is to come, about the feelings to aim for, the items to focus on. This will lead to the birth of traces, patterns and suggestions, caught between art and science. 

Michelle Nicol, Dr. Ralf Stutzki and Greg Tate will moderate the Locarno Talks la Mobiliare, which will open with a conversation between two of Switzerland's most fascinating creative voices: the artist and photographer Michel Comte and the artist Maya Rochat, symbols of an artistic endeavor that allows for confrontation between subjectivity and the outside world. Such attitudes will apply to a vastly different field, biomedical engineering, the following day, via the encounter between Professors Barbara Treutlein and Daniel J. Müller. To what extent can their research expand the notion of human identity? As for day 3, the program will come to a close with a true visionary, the video artist and cinematographer Arthur Jafa, whose tireless examination of the black American identity sheds a light on injustice in an attempt to learn from the past and build a better future. His line of thinking will run parallel with Black Light, the Retrospective of Locarno72.

Lili Hinstin, Artistic Director of the Locarno Film Festival: “What we will be getting this year, once again, from our partnership with Swiss Mobiliar is a real opportunity to do something important ‘off screen’. The Locarno Talks will enable us to build another bridge with our audience and, at the same time, lead us to reflect on the feelings with which we should address, challenge or imagine the future. Just as the Festival tackles the cinema through the actions and intelligence of “its” auteurs, the thought-provoking Talks start conversations that allow us to tackle reality, through the visions of art.

Dorothea Strauss, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Swiss Mobiliar: “It is fantastic to discuss topics of burning relevance to our times with exciting personalities. We couldn’t imagine a better partner than the Locarno Film Festival for such a project".

Here you can find all the information about the Locarno Talks la Mobiliare di Locarno72 program.