News  ·  05 | 09 | 2019

From Locarno to Toronto

These are the shores of auteur cinema, be it Lake Maggiore or Ontario. From September 5 to 15, the Locarno Film Festival will unveil itself again at the  Toronto International Film Festival. Among the hundreds of works featured at the new edition of the Canadian festival, seventeen originated at Locarno72: the Pardo d'oro Vitalina Varela by Pedro Costa, the unforgettable faces of Vitalina Varela (Pardo for Best Actress) and Regis Myrupu (Pardo for Best Actor), and  Instinct by Halina Reijn (Variety Piazza Grande Award and Special Mention). Also featured,  the Piazza Grande of Kurosawa, the Concorso internazionale of Zaïmeche and Fukada, the Cineasti del presente of ReynickeUrazbayeva and Ferhani, the Fuori concorso of Lanthimos and Pereda & Rodriguez, the Moving Ahead of Baudelaire, Çevik, Solondz e Rivers & Suwichakornpong, and the Pardi di domani of Kater e Linder. These are seventeen titles from the various sections of the Locarno Film Festival, which will now be part of the line-up of the Toronto International Film Festival.
Here is the full list of the films that will make the trip to Canada.


  • Instinct by Halina Reijn (Variety Piazza Grande Award- Special Mention Swatch First Feature Award) - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA
  • To the Ends of the Earth by Kiyoshi Kurosawa - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA


  • Vitalina Varela by Pedro Costa (Golden Leopard- Leopard for Best Actress) - WAVELENGTHS
  • A Febre by Maya Da-Rin (Leopard for Best Actor) - WAVELENGTHS
  • Terminal Sud by Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA
  • Yokogao (A Girl Missing) by Fukada Kôji - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA


  • Love Me Tender by Klaudia Reynicke - DISCOVERY
  • Mariam by Sharpa Urazbayeva - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA
  • 143, rue du desert  by Hassen Ferhani (Premio per il miglior regista emergente) - WAVELENGTHS


  • Nimic by Yorgos Lanthimos - SHORT CUTS
  • Mi piel, luminosa by Nicolas Pereda & Gabino Rodriguez - WAVELENGTHS



Open Doors Alumni selected at the Toronto International Film Festival

  • Made in Bangladesh by Rubaiyat Hossain - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA
  • Our Lady of the Nile by Atiq Rahimi - CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA
  • Darling by Saim Sadiq - SHORT CUTS