News  ·  16 | 12 | 2019

Anna Karina, Locarno 2013

Anna Karina Has Passed Away

Can beauty die? A part of it left us yesterday. With Anna Karina's passing, a light of the French New Wave went out. The eyes of Vivre sa vie are now shut, the race in Bande à part has come to an end, the dance in Une femme est une femme has stopped. Anna Karina was the eyes of a new French vision of European cinema, and she embodied everything that could happen on the screen from that moment on. She was delicate and decisive, she was unreachable and unavoidable, she was a woman.  

In the summer of 2013, she helped us remember George Cukor, by arriving in Locarno alongside Jacqueline Bisset. She introduced Justine and the Festival paid tribute to her extraordinary career with screenings of Bande à partThe Stranger and Anne. We wish to remember her like this, on the stage, looking at the Pardo the same way we looked at her. Bon voyage. 

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