News  ·  17 | 08 | 2019

Baamum Nafi

Cineasti del presente - Pardo d'oro

It's definitely not something usual winning both Cineasti del Presente competition and Swatch First Feature Award. But Mamadou Dia's Baamum Nafi deserves these honors, because is a universal and touching family story perfectly set in the cultural and religious traditions of Senegal, the African country where Dia was born. But Baamum Nafi is a universal story and this is its greatest strenght. Nowadays is more than ever important make people understand that we can all face similar issues and situations. Baamum Nafi tells the story of two brothers, one is the temperate imam of the village, the other is a religious intregralist, they are fighting about the marriage of the sons of the second one. This relationship is only apparently related to place and time. Dia talks about something that could happen in any family, no matter where and this feeling that pervades the whole movie is one of the many starting point we must consider to rebuild our being human, something that really seem to have forgot is these crazy and dangerous times. Baamum Nafi – Nafi's Father is not only a movie that started its path with two awards at Locarno Film Festival 2019. It's one of those story that has to be told.

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