News  ·  25 | 01 | 2020

Locarno Shorts Weeks

The Return of the Locarno Shorts Weeks

They were bound to return in February. A year after the inaugural edition, the Locarno Shorts Weeks will once again dominate the shortest month of the year. The Locarno Film Festival's VOD event is back, and it's growing. Thanks to the valuable support of Swiss Life, the Locarno Shorts Weeks are back in 2020, with some new aspects and one common thread: short films. Once again, for an entire month, the Locarno Film Festival will become the big (small) digital screen for short cinema, running under an hour, often serving as the first step for new directors but rarely distributed. 

As such, the Locarno Shorts Weeks will shine a new light on 23 short films from the Locarno71 line-up, available online, free of charge, to our digital audience. And since a digital audience has to have an active role, here's one of the new aspects of LSW2020: the Locarno Shorts Weeks Award, which will be given to the short with the most votes from the jury, i.e. the audience. 

Here are the key numbers:

  • 1 month
  • 23 short films
  • 1 week of availability for each short
  • 23 young filmmakers
  • 19 countries
  • ZERO francs, euros, dollars or yen (It's FREE!)
  • 3 passes for Locarno73 and 2 nights at Hotel Villa Castagnola up for grabs

The 23 shorts, which will feature on our website as of February 1, were selected from the Locarno71 line-up, specifically the Pardi di domani section, as well as Moving Ahead and the Open Doors Screenings sidebar.

By voting for the shorts, the Locarno Shorts Weeks audience has the chance to win four accreditations for Locarno73 and a two-night stay for two people at Hotel Villa Castagnola in Lugano.

All this, and other details, on the event's website: Locarno Shorts Weeks 2020