News  ·  18 | 09 | 2020

Closer to Cinema

From October 1, the Festival and la Mobiliare will take you to the cinema

Cinema is reawakening. After the summer, a new film season is about to begin, and this year, like never before, it feels like a new beginning. In the fall of a year as unpredictable as 2020, which upended everyone's lives and habits, cinema is ready to turn the lights back on, in the place where all of this exists: movie theaters. As for the ticket, leave that to la Mobiliare and the Locarno Film Festival. 

Little over a month after the end of Locarno 2020 - For the Future of Films, the special and unique edition that was devoted to supporting the film industry, the Locarno Film Festival continues to embrace the spirit of collaboration with all facets of cinema, starting with theaters. Thanks to la Mobiliare, the Locarno Film Festival's main partner, and the joint project known as Closer to Life, Locarno 2020 decided to offer upwards of 12,000 tickets to the audience, in support of the 78 independent movie theaters in Switzerland that adhered to the project. Whether you live in Zurich or Heiden, Lausanne or Visp, Lugano or Oron-la-ville, there's a movie ticket waiting for you. A few days ago, the Locarno Film Festival carried out a contest offering roughly 3,000 of them. Another 10,000 remain available all over Switzerland. How to get them? Just head to one of the participating Mobiliare general agency, collect your voucher (subject to availability) for the theater of your choosing, and enjoy a night out at the movies.   

To find your nearest general agency and see which theaters take part in the initiative, visit the website  

The Closer to Life vouchers are valid from October 1 to December 31, in any of the 78 participating theaters. You choose the film. And while we wait for the Locarno 2020 films - the Pardi di domani shorts and the suspended projects of The Films After Tomorrow - to arrive in cinemas, some theaters will allow you to discover a Locarno72 film whose distribution was interrupted by lockdown, or any other film just waiting to be seen.