News  ·  03 | 03 | 2021

The Locarno Shorts Weeks Belong to Carne

Camila Kater’s film wins the Festival’s off-season event, as part of an edition that confirms the audience’s love for shorts, with a 272% increase in views compared to 2020

It started last, it ended up first. It's Carne, the 21st short screened during the 22 February days, and the winner of the third edition of the Locarno Shorts Weeks, the online and on-demand project of the Festival. The average rating for Camila Kater's short was sky-high, with an audience approval of 4.86 out of 5. A smart, confident piece of stop motion animation, the Brazilian filmmaker's work was able to stand its ground next to 21 competitors. It's a film consisting of images and imagery, capable of addressing the topic of bodies when it's usually the news to do so. The same film had already conquered the Youth Jury Cinema&Gioventù at the Locarno Film Festival in 2019, with a Special Mention that was the first of many awards collected around the world.

In addition to the success of Carne, the shortest month of the year was also a hit from another standpoint, concerning the third edition of the Locarno Shorts Weeks. The digital event, organized with the official partner Swiss Life, saw a 272% increase in views, ending its 28-day programming with almost 25,000 clicks on the Locarno Film Festival's website and on Vimeo. Confirming what we experienced during Locarno 2020, the Festival connected with audiences worldwide, with views from all corners of the globe and more than 160 countries, with India and the United States proving particularly successful alongside Switzerland.