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Gazes that can take in what is new

Artistic Director Giona A. Nazzaro on the Locarno74 juries

For a new cinema to stay alive and prosper, it needs gazes that can take in what is new. Gazes and eyes that can transform formal and aesthetic choices into thought. In a historical context where points of view must necessarily be multiple and diversified – a need that dovetails with the imperative for strong, inclusive democracy – the question of who is looking at filmmakers’ work is pivotal. For that very reason, choosing a jury is the first step towards guaranteeing that films have the possibility to be seen and experienced fairly. In the lengthy process of identifying the talents and personalities who will serve as jurors at the 74th Locarno Film Festival, we tried to ensure the line-ups would reflect the possibilities and complexities at the center of the ongoing changes in the film industry. We trusted to the instincts of our love for talent and creativity, attempting to set out a plausible mosaic of the best energies currently active in contemporary cinema. The result is gazes that are young – not just in terms of age – and able to act as vectors for new ways of thinking from practically every corner of the world: a world of gazes to discover a world of films. The underlying challenge is that of creating new possibilities, in line with our mission to be a space for other images and imaginations. In our view, the individuals who have so generously agreed to be part of the adventure called Locarno74 represent everything fine and possible that the cinema can still offer or give to us. To take on the festival together with them is an honor and a privilege.  

Giona A. Nazzaro
Artistic director Locarno Film Festival


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