News  ·  26 | 01 | 2022

The Shortest Month Begins, the Locarno Shorts Weeks Return

It’s the fourth time running for the Locarno Film Festival’s off-season, on-demand program, which extends the event’s horizons beyond the summer edition. On February 1-28, these 22 shorts will provide a taste of cinema while waiting for August, when the Festival, with features and shorts, will celebrate its 75th anniversary

We watched them, we loved them, we gave them prizes, and now we start over, watching them again. Or for the first time, if you missed them in 2020. These 22 shorts, available for viewing on February 1-28, make up the fourth edition of the Locarno Shorts Weeks, the Locarno Film Festival’s wintertime digital event, put together with the support of Swiss Life. The event highlights Locarno’s focus on the short film format, and puts the spotlight, once again, on the young talents of international cinema.  

The program includes the Pardini d’oro and d’argento from Locarno2020, Swiss and international films, from the Pardi di domani and Open Doors lineups. They’re 22 ways of seeing the world and recounting it through cinema, in a matter of minutes. Every day, starting on February 1, the Locarno Film Festival’s website will be a platform and showcase for a new short, which will be available for an entire week, during which viewers can watch and vote. The winner short will receive the Locarno Shorts Weeks Audience Award, while one lucky viewer will get to experience Locarno75.   

“The selection was purposedly made to showcase a constellation of cinematic possibilities – says Eddie Bertozzi, the curator of the selection and Head of Pardi di domani - a variety of styles, a portfolio of life preoccupations, urgencies of the heart, warning signs from the planet.”

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