News  ·  11 | 08 | 2022

Locarno Today - 11 | 8 | 2022

Locarno Daily Editor Alessandro De Bon and Artistic Director Giona A. Nazzaro sum up the day at Locarno75 and give advice

Day 9, with more discoveries in the theaters: Artistic Director Giona A. Nazzaro introduces us to the films in the Concorso internazionale, Piaffe by Ann Oren (Germany) and De noche los gatos son pardos by Valentin Merz (Switzerland). Cineasti del presente showcases Nossa Senhora da Loja do Chinês by Ery Claver and Sigurno mjesto by Juraj Lerotić. In Piazza Grande, it's time for Blandine Lenoir's Annie Colère, starring the great Laure Calamy, and an encounter with film history in the shape of the master Costa-Gavras, recipient of the Pardo alla carriera Ascona-Locarno.