News  ·  13 | 08 | 2022

Palmarès | Interview with Alessandro Comodin

Premio speciale della giuria Concorso internazionale

Gigi la legge convinced the public and the international jury. 

The impression is that, in general, the more sincere one is, the more appeal one has. I think there is a local policeman everywhere in the world and we need a little forest and love everywhere. Evidently it speaks to everyone. Perhaps it helps the distance afforded to me by living abroad, which makes me add something accessible even from afar. 

What reactions did the first public screening in Locarno give you? 

It’s a fundamental step. A rite of passage to think about the future, the goal of every film is to be shown and I want it to happen at the cinema. Doing it in such a large room full of people was a beautiful emotion. Then there was Gigi, my uncle who plays the protagonist, who saw it for the first time. We tried to do everything right, as if we were at a ceremony, with our small, reckless and big-hearted family.

And how did Gigi comment on the first viewing? 

We were all very excited, him first and foremost. During the screening there was the echo between him in the room and him on the screen laughing in unison. He got excited, he cried, but then we all did, it was liberating. He told me that he has to see it again, because it's okay to experience emotions, but sometimes they distract you from the concentration you have to have to watch a movie like that. I think it's a great lesson for those who make movies. 

You have been here twice, both times winning an award.  

It’s a great satisfaction. For me at this time it was fundamental, for several reasons. For films like mine, receiving awards is vital. It seems absurd, but sometimes if you don't win something you risk not doing any more. I'm sure it will help to make the next film, every time you start again as if it were the first time. I have accumulated a bit of experience, but doubts and uncertainties always remain and I think it’s necessary to make good films. 

Mauro Donzelli