News  ·  07 | 08 | 2023

A surprise new entry: DJ Antoine will perform at the Rotonda on August 11th

The Swiss DJ who has conquered global charts will be the highlight of the Rotonda by la Mobiliare on Friday, August 11th, in an event that already boasts the presence of Mattak. This unexpected addition brings another musician to an edition rich in offerings and with a high turnout of the audience.

© Natasha Venturino , Giacomo Togni

From Guè's rap to Gabry Ponte and Tanja La Croix's dance music, passing through Davide Van De Sfroos's folk and Pegasus's pop, the concerts at the Rotonda by la Mobiliare 2023 are showcasing the vibrant colors of music and attracting a large audience.

Thus, as a surprise to give the audience an unforgettable finale, the already extensive program of free concerts will be joined by a national legend of the house music scene: DJ Antoine. The artist who brought Switzerland to the top of the global charts will perform in Locarno right after the performances of Tommy Gun, Pablo, and especially Mattak, a rapper from Lugano highly appreciated even beyond Swiss borders.

But the Rotonda by la Mobiliare is not just about music. During the evenings, visitors are experiencing moments of conviviality amidst numerous gastronomic proposals, green installations, and performances for the whole family. "The Rotonda is doing well", says Project Manager Christian Mancini. "The impression is that the audience, in addition to the music, is also appreciating the rich offerings of the event, from food proposals to performances. With DJ Antoine, we wanted to give the audience something extra before the closing party on Saturday, where several DJs will take turns at the console presented together with Vanilla."

Like all the concerts offered so far, the evening closed by DJ Antoine will be free of charge. In this regard, it is worth noting that the Rotonda by la Mobiliare is a space with limited capacity. Therefore, if the maximum limit is reached, there may be waiting times at the entrances.

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