Press Releases  ·  24 | 07 | 2018

Seat Reservation System

For its 71st edition the Locarno Festival is introducing a seat reservation system which, as of this year, will be operational for additional theaters as well as the Piazza Grande.

The theaters for which seats can be reserved with the new system are:

  • PalaCinema 1
  • La Sala
  • PalaVideo

Tickets for reserved seats can be redeemed or purchased online only from July 24 until 30 minutes before the start of each screening.


  • Each accredited person will be entitled to 6 reservations included free of charge in the cost of accreditation.
  • A fee of CHF 3* will be payable for each additional reservation made.
  • Any accompanying accredited person(s) may reserve seats under the same conditions as the accredited person making the reservation.

Tickets must be reserved directly from the Locarno Festival’s online shop.

Once payment has been received, a confirmation e-mail will be sent with a link to, where the purchaser will later be able to download and print out the reservation, or save it to a smartphone or other mobile device.

In theaters with seat reservation service there will be a separate “reserved seats entrance” for patrons holding reservations.

Holders of seat reservations must take up their places in the theater by five minutes before the start of screening, after which time the organizers may not be able to guarantee reserved seats.


Helpdesk Locarno Festival
+41 91 756 62 30


* Fee applicable per person per screening. Reservations cannot be cancelled and the reservation fee is therefore non-refundable.