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L'immagine e la parola 2014

Workshop with Aleksandr Sokurov, L'immagine e la parola 2013

The second edition of L’immagine e la parola, the Festival del film Locarno spin-off event, will take place 12 -15 April, 2014. L’immagine e la parola explores the relationships between the moving image and the written word. The event, whose Artistic Director is Carlo Chatrian, is once again part of this year’s Primavera Locarnese and comprises four days of screenings, encounters and discussions with guests of international stature, and pays particular attention to the youth audience, who is also offered a wide range of educational opportunities.

L’immagine e la parola will be held at the Teatro di Locarno (Kursaal) and Monte Verità in Ascona. An additional screening will take place at the Cinema Corso in Lugano.

The Matinée screenings are preceded by an introduction and accompanied by supplementary educational material. This program is aimed at high schools, thanks to a collaboration established with Bellinzona’s Castellinaria International Young Film Festival. The screenings, which are free and also open to the public, offer cinematic adaptations of novels that were key to Italian twentieth-century literature: Bianciardi, Sciascia and Morante, as interpreted by some of the master filmmakers of the 1960s. A fresh look at Italian cinema, via Carlo Lizzani’s La vita agra, and two films by Damiano Damiani, Mafia (Il giorno della civetta) and Arturo’s Island (L’isola di Arturo).

The workshops, for film students and young filmmakers, are an important element of the event. Having proved highly successful at the first edition (with the participation of filmmakers Aleksandr Sokurov, Paolo Benvenuti and Richard Dindo) there will be workshops on the given theme with established professionals in the sector.

The event is rounded out with a program of screenings, with sneak previews, discoveries and re-appraisals of films that brought something new to the relationship between literary tradition and filmmaking.

For L’immagine e la parola the Festival also benefits from the contribution of the critic Daniela Persico. The coordinator is Carmen Werner, Head of Locarno Festival’s Programming Office.
L’immagine e la parola is one of the three events that comprise Primavera Locarnese, alongside Eventi Letterari Monte Verità and Youtopia.

More detailed information on the program and guests for L’immagine e la parola will be announced from January onwards.

Matinée program:

Monday 14 | 4 | 2014
Teatro Kursaal, Locarno
La vita agra
by Carlo Lizzani
Italy • 1964 • 35mm • b/w • 100’ • o.v. Italian
Free admission
Arriving in Milan with the intention of blowing up the head office of the company that has just fired him, Luciano Bianchi (Ugo Tognazzi) finds he has to reconcile his ideals with the need to survive. But soon the money he starts earning as a publicist makes him forget his earlier objective. Based on the 1962 novel by Luciano Bianciardi, a caustic depiction of the effects of the economic boom.

Tuesday 15 | 4 | 2014
Teatro Kursaal, Locarno
Mafia (Il giorno della civetta)
by Damiano Damiani
Italy • 1968 • 35mm • color • 112’ • o.v. Italian
Free admission
In Sicily, Captain Bellodi (Franco Nero) investigates what happened to the husband of Rosa Nicolosi (Claudia Cardinale), who disappeared after witnessing a Mafia killing. But his superiors fail to back his courage in pursuit of the truth. A forerunner to the cinema of denunciation, adapted from Leonardo Sciascia’s famous 1961 novel.

Additional screening in Lugano
Wednesday 16 | 4 | 2014
Cinema Corso, Lugano
Arturo’s Island (L’isola di Arturo)
by Damiano Damiani
Italy • 1962 • 35mm • b/w • 92’ • o.v. Italian
Free admission
An account of the coming of age of Arturo, who has grown up in the solitude of the unchanging landscapes of the island of Procida, overshadowed by the jail there. His relationship with his father, whose life is mysteriously bound up with one of the prison inmates, makes life difficult for the boy, who is drawn to his gentle and sensitive stepmother. An elegant cinematic transposition of the Elsa Morante 1957 classic.




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