Press Releases  ·  08 | 08 | 2021

Locarno 74: awarded the prizes of the First Look 2021

The tenth edition of First Look – the Locarno Film Festival initiative aiming to showcase films in post-production – has ended with the announcement of the winning projects. This year’s focus, Switzerland, gave the members of the jury, which are all professionals of the international industry, the chance to preview six Swiss projects. Between August 6 and 8, the works in progress have been presented at the Rialto theater in Muralto (Locarno), thanks to the partnership with SWISS FILMS. Each project was introduced by its producer to sales agents and festival programmers attending Locarno Pro.  

The jury comprising Sebastian Höglinger (Diagonale), Orestis Andreadakis (Thessaloniki International Film Festival) and Jean-Pierre Rehm (FIDMarseille) handed out the following Awards: 


Cinegrell First Look Award – post-production service worth 50,000 Swiss francs 
to De Noche los Gatos son Pardos  by Valentin Merz, produced by Marie Lanne-Chesnot and Valentin Merz (Andrea Film)  
For its complexity, its playfulness and its innovative and challenging storytelling. 


Le Film Français Award - advertising services worth 5,600 euro 
to Semret by Caterina Mona, produced by Michela Pini (Cinédokké), co-produced by Cineworx Produktion Basel and RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera 


Kaiju Cinema Diffusion Prize - Designing of international poster worth 5,000 euro 
to Réduit by Leon Schwitter, produced by Caroline Hepting, Rea Televantos, Leon Schwitter (EXIT Filmkollektiv), co-produced by Sabotage Filmkollektiv 

The full list of the 2021 selected films: 

  • De Noche los Gatos son Pardos by Valentin Merz, produced by Marie Lanne-Chesnot and Valentin Merz (Andrea Film) 

  • Las Toreras by Jackie Brutsche, produced by Madeleine Corbat (Recycled TV), co-produced by Reck Filmproduktion 

  • The Mies van der Rohes by Sabine Gisiger, produced by Karin Koch (Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion) 

  • Semret by Caterina Mona, produced by Michela Pini (Cinédokké), co-produced by Cineworx Produktion Basel and RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera 

  • Réduit by Leon Schwitter, produced by Caroline Hepting, Rea Televantos, Leon Schwitter (EXIT Filmkollektiv), co-produced by Sabotage Filmkollektiv 

  • My Old Man by Steven Vit, produced by David Fonjallaz and Louis Mataré (Lomotion) 


First Look 2021 in the frame of Locarno Pro was possible thanks to the support of the Federal Office of Culture  (FOC) / MEDIA Desk Suisse