StepIn 2020

Special Online Edition

An interdisciplinary online think tank in three sessions dedicated to film professionals, each session focused on a branch of the industry, to discuss the current landscape and how we can implement new behaviors, practices and business strategies.

In just a few years, StepIn has confirmed its status as one of the most renowned international think tanks where film industry professionals can discuss the future, share experiences and visions, and come together to imagine new behaviors, practices and business models.

The event, held in collaboration with Variety, which hosted StepIn on its own Variety Streaming Room platform, was divided into three sessions of 50 minutes each. These addressed, respectively, the future of theatrical experience, production, and film festivals and markets. Each session involved five international speakers, moderated by three different journalists from Variety: Leo Barraclough, Manori Ravindran and Nick Vivarelli.