Locarno Shorts Weeks 2021



by Isabel Lamberti
Netherlands  ·  2019  ·  Color  ·  24'  ·  o.v. Dutch

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07 - 14 | 02 | 2021

Vader explores the relationship of a dad and son who haven’t been in touch in the last years. While he tries to reconnect with his son in the present, he reflects with his girlfriend on the past.

A moving, delicate and intimate portrait of a father and son in a rare moment, to share, express emotions and learn about each other. The history and backstory unfold via conversations with a lover, revealing a softness and desire to forget the past and live in the moment. The director, Isabel Lamberti, enables the viewer to connect with the characters and their complex, yet tender, relationship without judgement.

Locarno is ...

… first and foremost a very sweet memory of the last festival I attended without any Covid-19 measures. Without masks on, or washing our hands as crazy. It’s also the festival I premiered my last short (ever!?). After making Vader I entered the world of feature films with my debut feature La última primavera. I can’t think of a nicer place to end this part of my professional career. I met some lovely people in Locarno, people I’m still connected with and I consider now as colleagues and friends. We truly had a lovely time in sunny Locarno. I’m definitely coming back with a feature film.

Isabel Lamberti



Isabel Lamberti

Shakur Bijker , Jacinto Marie , Alia Karamat-Huijsers

Marc Bary, Steven Rubinstein Malamud

Jeroen Kiers

Isabel Lamberti

Matthijs Klijn, Brandon Grötzinger

Sound Designer
Vincent Sinceretti

Sabine Maas

IJswater Films

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