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At this point, we should now be clear about our story, the characters, the dialogue, the settings and the superpowers – and we should already have our superhero or superheroine costume ready: all we have to do now is plunge into the world of real cinema, and start shooting.

Professor Luca Botturi is an expert in Media in Education, and he’s going to explain how to get started, and how to use the right equipment and make sure we get right the various details, both inside and outside the scenes, which will make our film effective once it’s finished.

This episode also introduces a number of key elements in film language: yes, films really do have their own rules of grammar, made up of frames, shots, camera angles and movements, and these rules, even before the characters say anything in the dialogue, allow the images to speak for themselves.

Follow Luca’s tips and have a go at putting yourself behind the camera!