The power of the mask


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In previous episodes, we heard from Samuele Rossi about the transformation of Pino, the main character in his film Glassboy. As the story unfolds, Pino decides to put on a red cape and helmet, and overcomes his fears by turning into a superhero.

Sure enough, the invention of a mask and costume is a key moment in the creation of a superhero. It might even be the key element in the whole story because, by starting the transformation, it will change the character’s life forever: that’s what happens with Superman, Spiderman or the Wasp – whose passion for fashion leads her to change costume more often than any other superheroine in the history of comics.

In this episode, Sofia takes us step by step through the creative process for her superheroine, Celeste: how she first imagined her backstory and the superpowers she possessed, before moving on to think of the physical and personality traits that distinguish her character.

Time to pull your sleeves up! In the previous episodes all we did was think through what our superhero or heroine would be like, but now it’s time to make him or her real. In the video, Sofia uses genuine professional techniques and materials, but with a bit of creative improvisation we, too, can rummage through old trunks and the back of the wardrobe, and come up with a fantastic costume.

Like Sofia says, if we can imagine it, we can make it!

Have fun!