Concorso Internazionale

The Concorso Internazionale features works shown primarily as world premieres, coming from all over the globe and competing for the prestigious Pardo d’Oro. Showcasing established auteurs alongside the pleasure of discovery, storytelling and innovation, the Concorso Internazionale is an open, inclusive place, which aims to mark the new territories of cinematic art. This is where the best forms of contemporary cinema converge, in accordance with the history and tradition of the Locarno Film Festival. 



The jury will award the following prizes:  

Pardo d’Oro

Grand Prize of the Festival and City of Locarno: CHF 75,000 to be shared equally between the director and the producer.

Special Jury Prize

Cities of Ascona and Losone: CHF 30,000 to be shared equally between the director and the producer.

Pardo for Best Direction

City and Region of Locarno: CHF 20,000 to the director.

Pardo for Best Performance (two prizes to be awarded)



The Jury may also award a maximum of two special mentions. 
The three first prizes may not be awarded ex aequo. 
The film receiving the Pardo d’Oro will not be eligible for other prizes that entail money or services. 
A maximum of two prizes per film may be awarded.