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Getting ready for the Festival

If you are the person in charge for your company, follow these simple steps:

  1. Read the pdf we sent you by email.
  2. Open the dashboard we sent you by email and make sure you fill it out by 12 July.
  3. Based on your order, you can receive vouchers, printed passes, group confirmations and merchandising.
  4. Sit back and enjoy the Festival.

Once you receive your voucher codes, visit this page and follow the instructions.

We have several offers, check them out here.

Our team will help you create an experience tailored to your needs and wishes. Get in touch with events@locarnofestival.ch.

A group is defined as > 10 people attending the Piazza Grande screening together. Groups can have access to the Piazza Grande from the Red Carpet.

Here's what to do if you're coming with a group.

Logistics during the festival

In accordance with your company's contract with the Locarno Film Festival, you will be invited to one or more of these events.

Piazza Grande:

All tickets have free access.

Everybody else must generate a ticket in advance using the voucher codes.


Reservations are mandatory for all visitors

Reservations can be made by generating a ticket through the official Locarno Film Festival website or app.

Reservations are free for Pass holders.

Only groups of >10 people with a Premium Ticket can access the Red Carpet, provided they have previously booked the experience via the Dashboard you received by email.

General questions

Check out the summary of benefits of the different entry titles here.

Yes, it does! This year, thanks to our partnership with the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), you can use public transport free of charge throughout Ticino for the duration of your entry title.

We suggest that you provide them with

  • a summary of what their entry titles allows them to access (you can use this overview for inspiration).
  • the map of the Festival with the main locations.
  • make sure your guests are aware that the Piazza Grande is completely paved with traditional cobblestones, so they can enjoy a pleasant evening in comfort.

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Partnership Assistant


Martina Orlandi

Accreditation Manager