Spin-off Events

In recent years, the Locarno Film Festival has found new ways to be present throughout the year other than its main 10-day event. With cinema, and alongside cinema at all times, thanks to its spin-off events.

The Festival's film and cultural offerings succeed in keeping viewers company beyond the August event, through side events that engage local or global audiences enriched by special programming designed by members of the artistic committee.

From one edition to the next, the spin-off initiatives created by the Festival have become fully-fledged recognized and autonomous trademarks: from L'immagine e la parola, a cultural review that brings spring to life in Locarno, interweaving cinema and literature, to Locarno Shorts Weeks, an intense overview of short films that is also widely followed by non-specialist audiences.

Locarno Shorts Weeks

Each year, throughout the entire month of February, we offer a selection of short films from the Pardi di domani and Open Doors sections, available for free on the Festival website and on Vimeo. This is an opportunity to rediscover a range of different voices in contemporary filmmaking: from exciting debuts to acknowledged benchmarks for the cinephile audience, allowing viewers both the pleasure of rediscovering a familiar gaze and the excitement of discovering young talent.

L’immagine e la parola

L’immagine e la parola is our spring-time event in Locarno, offering a range of screenings, workshops, readings, and discussion sessions aimed at exploring the rapport between moving image and written word, with a special focus on the younger audience.

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