News  ·  24 | 07 | 2019

The doors are open. Nay, wide open

Open Doors partners with IFFR Pro and Moulin d'Andé for two new awards

The horizon is expanding. Thanks to the always vital synergy with its partners, Open Doors is taking two new steps towards the future. Thanks to a partnership with International Film Festival Rotterdam’s IFFR Pro, as well as Moulin d'Andé-CECI, Locarno72 will offer two new awards to the participants of the edition that will inaugurate the new three-year focus (2019-2021) on Southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines) and Mongolia. These two awards are, on the one hand, an acknowledgement of what's been done, but more importantly a new open door to emphasize one's own professional path. 

Open Doors-Rotterdam Lab Award
The first new award offers a valuable journey between Festivals. A producer from the Open Doors Lab will get the chance to increase their know-how, experience and networking by taking part in next year's Rotterdam Lab 2020, during International Film Festival Rotterdam. It's a priceless opportunity to reconnect with the International film industry, five months after the Locarno72 experience. 

Open Doors-Moulin d'Andé-CECI Award
A brand-new addition is the award going to filmmakers from the Hub, Lab and Screenings, and therefore acknowledging all three facets of the Open Doors initiative. The award offers an artistic residency in Normandie, the ideal backdrop to develop one's own feature film project. The winner will in fact be staying in the suggestive location of Moulin d'Andé, finding inspiration for one’s work in the region's richly historical architecture and nature-bound silence. 

Following individual meetings with the participants, the awards will be handed out in Locarno by representatives of IFFR Pro and Moulin d'Andé during the Open Doors awards ceremony, which will take place on Tuesday, August 13, at 11.30 AM at Spazio Cinema (Forum).