News  ·  06 | 08 | 2019

The Locarno Film Festival and Swisscom take the bright lights of cinema to TV

The Locarno Film Festival and Swisscom continue their partnership with innovation as the keynote, building on synergies that go back twenty-two years, to 1997. Swisscom again confirms its pivotal role in the Festival machine by contributing its core value: communication. Starting on Pre-Festival night on 6 August with Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, the Swisscom platform will host a season of films completely dedicated to Locarno72, with every evening seeing the broadcast of a title connected to the Piazza Grande program. For more than seventy years the Piazza has been both theater and lobby for the festival-going public and now, thanks to Swisscom, some of the magic of Locarno’s atmospheric location can be experienced in every home in Switzerland.

Raphaël Brunschwig, Chief Operating Officer of the Locarno Film Festival: “The constant search for new horizons to share together lies right at the heart of a solid, lasting relationship. This truly wide-ranging project, founded on the twin values of broadcasting cultural content and digital communication, takes our partnership with Swisscom to a whole new level, one on which the partner does not just support the event but actively participates in it, bringing to the table its own skill set and identity. This is a new vision of working together, whose strategic development will allow the Locarno Film Festival to broaden its range of action and contact its audience beyond the 11 days of the event.

Swisscom Head of Marketing and Brand Communications Achill Prakash: “This collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival opens up new pathways for sponsorship. Henceforward, night after night, viewers can press a button on the Swisscom TV remote and bring a bit of festival magic right into their homes. It’s a way of strengthening further a winning partnership: the marvels of cinema, plus Swisscom TV. I’m delighted that this way the best TV experience in Switzerland will become even more varied and multi-faceted. We were looking for a way to offer our customers throughout Switzerland an authentic festival feeling, via our commitment to Locarno. And now this new form of collaboration with the Festival will for the first time produce tangible benefits for Swisscom customers nationwide. Its fantastic that, thanks to Bluewin, our collaboration with the Festival will now be ongoing year-round.

Alongside this new initiative Swisscom will of course continue to be the Festival TV, with a neatly structured schedule accessible online at, on the official app and the dedicated YouTube channel LocarnoLiveTV by Swisscom, created in collaboration with the Locarno-based film and audiovisual arts school CISA. Using this multi-media offering, festival-goers can explore the whole program and get behind the scenes at Locarno72 through exclusive content and interviews with the Festival’s prestigious guests.

Only a few weeks after the final curtain has come down on Locarno72, Swisscom will be unveiling Locarnoblue on the web. The portal will be hosting a feature dedicated to Locarno that will bring the Festival world to viewers all year round, narrating step by step the process involved in creating those magical eleven days when the spotlight of world cinema is fixed on Locarno.

What’s more, Swisscom will still be a key player in the nightlife of Locarno72, thanks to the Silent Parties at laRotonda – long established as the place to be in the wee small hours at the Locarno Film Festival.