News  ·  16 | 08 | 2019

Love has no boundaries

Open Doors Screenings - Malila: The Farewell Flower

Two men haunted by their past, reunite in a love story which scene after scene turns into the pain of loss, and finally acceptance. Anucha Boonyawatana directs a powerful melodrama that uses stunning natural settings to amplify human feelings. Malila, the Farewell Flower alternates the elegy of nature with some very graphic representations of death, creating an excruciating energy that forces the audience to feel the characters’ struggle. Through the metaphor of the beautiful Thai flower composition, this movie recognizes that life is also contained in its opposite, that everything is connected, even in decay. The screenplay develops into the dramatic crescendo with an impressive emphasis on feelings, details and images remaining ingrained within the viewer. An amazing example of how cinema can capture the fragility of human condition and at the same time the strength of love and compassion. A movie absolutely worth watching, with the two main characters forcefully inviting the viewers empathy; and hopefully, memory.