News  ·  12 | 08 | 2022

Wall of Fame - Day 9

A festive and crowded Red Carpet on the ninth night of Locarno75

The red carpet of Locarno75's ninth night is festive and crowded: Cineasti del presente boasts Trevor Anderson, director of Before I Changed My Mind, with his actors Vaughan Murrae and Dominic Lippa. From the Concorso internazionale we have Julia Murat and Sol Miranda from Regra 34 and Nikolaus Geyrhalter from Matter Out of Place. As for Piazza Grande, it's time for Annie Colère, with director Blandine Lenoir and stars Laure Calamy and India Hair in attendance. And then, the stage is all for him: the master Costa-Gavras, Locarno75's recipient of the Pardo alla carriera Ascona-Locarno. Film history at the center of Piazza Grande.