By donating to the Locarno Film Festival, you share our mission to support freedom, dialogue, film, and the projects we foster throughout the year.

Film always comes first, but our involvement in film takes many forms, such as educational and cultural mediation programs – Locarno Kids – that motivate children and adolescents to learn more and become passionate about film as a medium; professional training projects for the emerging talents in the three Academies and the young artists taking part in BaseCamp; and lastly initiatives like Open Doors that promote and foster the cinemas of developing regions.

In all these cases, the role of the Locarno Film Festival is to protect the value of film art, extending its effects and benefits in both cultural and social fields.

The Locarno Film Festival is also keen to have an impact on issues of public interest and sustainability. That’s why a donation to the Festival can help fund operations that allow us to be an environmentally friendly event and, at the same time, promote green filmmaking productions and practices.