FILM FOUNDRY: Young Swiss Cinema

3 days, 6 schools, 27 films, 1 horizon: the Cinema. FILM FOUNDRY: Young Swiss Cinema, a big screen event dedicated to the work of alumni and students from Swiss film schools.

This review of films produced by Swiss film, television, and animation schools is an event that has been an integral part of the Locarno Film Festival for twelve years. CISA has coordinated this event from the beginning, inviting Swiss universities and specialized professional schools to participate with a selection of their best short films, allowing for an exchange on their respective experiences of film production, in synergy with BaseCamp. Recent diploma short films from ZHdK Zurich, HSLU Lucerne, écal Lausanne, HEAD Geneva and CISA will be presented alongside a selection of film essays from USI Lugano and Mendrisio.

The Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) offers a bachelor program in which students experience filmmaking from conception to screening. The master program deepens the study and practice of fiction and documentary filmmaking, screenwriting, photography, editing, and creative production.

The Lucerne School of Art and Design (HSLU) offers bachelor and master degree programs in animation and video. These programs focus on both animation and digital storytelling. The master program focuses on documentary film and experimental narrative forms.

The University of Art and Design of Lausanne (écal) offers with its bachelor program an initiation into the various professions of filmmaking such as writing, directing, photography, sound, and post-production. The master program is aimed at developing a personal cinematic vision with a focus on fiction cinema.

The Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) offers a bachelor program aimed at exploring the diversity of film writing between documentary and fiction. The master program is focused on documentary cinema. Écal and HEAD have created their master programs in partnership with one another.

Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) has initiated a course on how to film architecture and inaugurated, in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival, a Chair titled Future of Cinema and the Audiovisual Arts.

The International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences (CISA) of Locarno is a Higher Specialized School with a two-year program culminating in the diploma of Visual Designer, which is followed by a one-year specialization program with five majors (in directing, cinematography, sound, editing, creative production) that lead to the federal post-diploma qualification in filmmaking and television.

Marco Poloni
Director, CISA