News  ·  11 | 08 | 2018


It’s been six years since her first feature, De Jueves a Domingo, made the rounds of international festivals and came back with the main awards from Rotterdam and from Valdivia, in her native country Chile, thus putting Dominga Sotomayor among the most relevant new voices of World Cinema.


Now with her second feature project, Tarde para morir joven, developed by the Binger Filmlab program in Amsterdam and a recipient of the Mahindra Global Filmmaking Award from the Sundance Institute, Sotomayor gets the personal reward of the Pardo for Best Director in Locarno.


Tarde para morir joven is, in the words of her writer/director, “a film about growing up in a period of great changes, related to the nostalgia for and demythifying of a period, a coming of age story, both for the characters and Chilean society at large which was going through a process of pain after the dictatorship”.

“I wanted to explore the complex relationships between generations and classes”, Sotomayor told Variety “to capture the sageness of children, the clumsiness of adults, that strange melancholy we grew up with”.

Tarde para morir joven is a co-production between Sotomayor’s own Cinestación, Brazil’s RT Features, Ruda Cine in Argentina and Circe Film in the Netherlands.

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