News  ·  04 | 08 | 2018

Carlo Chatrian

  1. The jaded gaze is the only way when reality loses coherence. Bruno Dumont, Pardo d'onore Manor, comes to Locarno with his new television series, which reads the present through the filter of a plot from American science fiction.  

  1. A master of the genre, Antoine Fuqua, a grandiose final scene shot during a tornado for a film destined to bring adrenaline to Piazza Grande. This is the second chapter of Equalizer, where McCall finds through a young boy a way to positively channel his desire for revenge.  

  1. The new generations and the rudiments of their sentimental turmoil. In Genèse, Philippe Lesage goes in search of the moment in which love is born and immediately becomes corrupted. A hard film, as can be the reality for a teenager, which dissolves into an unexpected ending. Likemeback, on the other hand, is an X-ray of the millennials, of their symbiosis with smartphones and of the danger inherent in living for the virtual community.  

  1. From photography to cinema: Richard Billingham had impressed with a series of photos dedicated to his parents. Now he transposes that real universe into a fictional film where the analytical precision of the representation of the sub-proletarian reality is contaminated with comedic (acidic) emphases. 

  1. After a durable, rich, long and indomitable life, Claude Lanzmann passed away. Shoah remains as a milestone in the history of cinema and in the history of the 20th century. A work that has given new life to a term and opened the way to the transmission of the sense of a collective tragedy.