News  ·  16 | 04 | 2019

Being Industry!

Being there, at the heart of cinema. Being “Industry” means you get to experience everything that exists beyond the set, everything that comes after, bringing the project to the screen. Being the film industry means knowing the gears of the world of filmmaking and how to keep them running, igniting the dream machine all the way to the magic of a dark movie theater. Now in its sixth year, the Locarno Industry Academy is the place and time to widen your horizons, your vision, your network, by getting to know the mechanisms of international sales, marketing, traditional and online distribution, theater management and programming. Through international partnerships, from Mexico to Lebanon to Chile, from Panama to Greece to the United States and Brazil, the Industry Academy is the chance to understand and imagine the future of cinema from a privileged vantage point: the future itself. 

The fifth edition of the Locarno Industry Academy will take place on August 7-13 during the 72nd edition of the Locarno Film Festival. Applications are open until May 3