News  ·  08 | 07 | 2019

That's Rotonda 2019

Eighteen nights of music in the unique Festival Village

The Locarno Film Festival’s very own music village will be lighting up the countdown to Locarno72, with special entertainments every evening, starting Wednesday 31 July. Live music, family fun, great food and shopping in a brand new space, completely redesigned to the keynotes of sharing and eco-sustainability. LaRotonda has always been right at the heart of the Festival nights, and at Locarno72 it will once again create a winning partnership between international event and local players.

LaRotonda is live
Music is the star of the show at LaRotonda and, at the Festival Village, music means above all Rete Tre. This year, for the first time, the RSI radio network is joined by sister channel Rete Uno in providing the musical line-up. Out of the eighteen nights in LaRotonda, from 31 July to 17 August, Rete Tre will be in charge of six special evenings with DJ mixes and live broadcasts of PardOn, the radio show that takes listeners to the Festival behind the scenes. Another new feature this season will be showcase performances bringing to the PardOn stage – and live on radio – both emerging artists like Bern-based singer-songwriter James Gruntz and established acts such as Veronica Fusaro, or popular Italian bands Sud Sound System, Bag a Riddim Band and Canova. On 16 August, Rete Uno will present a Woodstock Special marking the 50th anniversary of the landmark event, a tribute to fifty years of peace, love and music in a show curated by journalist and writer Ezio Guaitamacchi.

LaRotonda is future
LaRotonda 2019? Fresh&Wild, like the voice of young musicians eager to unleash their talents. With essential help from Swiss record producers’ foundation Stiftung Phonoproduzierende and the FONDATION SUISA, the Locarno Film Festival will be a launching pad for emerging artists on the seven Fresh&Wild nights showcasing artists of the future at the heart of the event.

LaRotonda is free
As well as providing a stage for international guests and emerging artists, laRotonda 2019 will also be an arena for joint projects with partners such as JazzAscona, Spiez Seaside Festival, Enjoy-Arena with Radio One Dance, Irish Openair Toggenburg and GC Events, organizers of Connection Festival. These special partners will be given carte blanche to take over the laRotonda stage. For the full music program at laRotonda 2019, visit this page.

LaRotonda is food
Empty stomachs and parched throats have no place on the laRotonda scene! For hungry and thirsty Festival-goers, this year the Village will host some twenty food trucks with a range of snacks and dishes to suit every palate, plus six themed bars and a carefully chosen range of products from local and international producers to browse and discover on the market stands. Once again laRotonda will allow you to sate your appetite while finding out more about craft produce from the region and further afield.

LaRotonda is friendly
Smart functioning and ecologically friendly, laRotonda 2019 will take another big step forward for an easy but aware visitor experience. No worries about the environment, thanks to a major effort by the Festival towards making such a big and popular space ecologically sustainable. No single-use plastics, reduced trash, lots of recycling and plenty of wood, as the Ticino wood of the project wanted and supported by the Department of the territory and Federlegno. No worries about payment, either, thanks to a Village designed to be cash-free, where all operators – from catering services and bars to merchandising stands – accept credit and charge cards, the cashless app TWINT or the special pre-paid cards that can be purchased and topped up on site. Nor will laRotonda be a worry for neighbors wanting to get their beauty sleep, thanks to the unmissable Silent Party discos by Swisscom, which from midnight (2 am at weekends) will turn off the laRotonda speakers and switch to headphones for all those wanting to dance the night away.

LaRotonda is family
At Locarno72 laRotonda will be a family venue as never before. Thanks to the Girotondo project, insurance partner Swiss Mobiliar has designed and funded a program in collaboration with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, made by workshop, activities for children and buskers’ performances. LaRotonda will become a happening place for an art that is as noble as its venues are humble, capable of grabbing attention with a passing gesture or a surprise out of nowhere. Every evening from 6 to 9 pm, the Festival Village will be enlivened by a different street performer, tasked with adding another bouquet of emotions to the magical, all-round nights of laRotonda. 

For any information and for the complete program of laRotonda 2019 visit the pages dedicated to the Village of the Festival.

Admission is free every night at laRotonda!