News  ·  17 | 08 | 2019

Regis Myrupu

Pardo per la migliore interpretazione maschile (Leopard for Best Actor)

«I never thought this would happen», says Regis Myrupu about winning the Pardo for Best Actor, for his beautifully understated performance in Maya Da-Rin’s A Febre. He plays Justino, a 45-year old member of the indigenous Desana people working as a security guard at the Manaus harbor in Brazil. «I come from a similar background, divided between the forest and the city, and both elements are very important to me», he states about the dual nature of the character, who comes down with a mysterious fever over the course of the film as his daughter prepares to move to Brasilia to study medicine. This was Myrupu’s acting debut, a breakthrough performance that surprised and moved everyone, himself included: «I had no idea I possessed these abilities, but with the director’s help I could convey what was inside me.» Does the song that plays over the end credits, which begins with “You must go looking for what you desire”, match his experience working on the film? «Yes, because in our culture we say that when you’re facing difficulties you must go looking for an improvement. I found it, and I also think there’s a chance of improvement for my family and my children.» What does he remember of the first Festival screening? «It’s all very new to me. My heart was beating very fast; it was a beautiful, emotional experience. I’m very grateful to the audience, because I wouldn’t be here without them and this wonderful Festival.»