News  ·  30 | 07 | 2021

For the Love of Films, and of the Festival

Once again, Swisscom, our Main partner for 25 years, is standing alongside the Locarno Film Festival. You will find them on TV with their own bespoke area, in Piazza Grande for the Locarno74 emotional journey and on Locarno LiveTV with day-by-day coverage

For the love of films. The new campaign by Swisscom, the Locarno Film Festival’s Main partner, says it loud and clear. And where there are films, there’s the Festival. During Locarno74, Swisscom will live among the audience, igniting and recounting their emotions. It will do so with a new specific area, available to Swisscom TV subscribers throughout the Festival. Artistic Director Giona A. Nazzaro has curated 40 titles, with which to get swept up in the emotions of cinema: to laugh, cry, shake with adrenalin or warm your heart.  

And it won’t just be TV. Swisscom will also be in Piazza Grande, on the streets, to record and recount the emotions of those who come to the Festival to experience them in the Piazza and the other theaters: the viewers. These encounters will be unexpected and, in their own way, surprising… 

And speaking of stories: like every year, Swisscom will also come in the shape of Locarno LiveTV. The Festival’s website and YouTube channel will recount eleven days’ worth of films, encounters, events and emotions. This is possible thanks to CISA, whose students will be on the frontlines to recount this year’s edition, from the morning rendez-vous with the Artistic Director to the night stars on the red carpet. With its cameras and journalists, Locarno LiveTV by Swisscom will meet the great guests of Locarno74, interview them and escort them in Piazza Grande, after getting their golden signature to leave a mark on Locarno’s history. A history filled with emotion.