News  ·  30 | 06 | 2022

The Pardo is Green

New projects, new visions, new prizes, one color: green. For an even greener Locarno Film Festival

We need new lenses to open up different perspectives: this idea led to the creation of a Pardo with unusual fur, colored green, to represent those filmmakers who are carrying out a vision linked to a new conception of humanity on planet Earth. After years in which the entire Locarno Film Festival worked on concepts like sustainability, here’s a strong sign for those directors who have always been on that path, conceiving their films from a standpoint that differs from the human one and denouncing the evils of a society that often neglects the ecosystem.

Great films that altered our perspective on old habits have already played at multiple editions of the Festival (insect life in Microcosmos, bees in More than Honey, environmental change in Le vent tourne). And Piazza Grande has often rewarded those very films, granting them subsequent global success. Lately, many filmmakers’ storytelling, and their worldview, deals with concerns and new perspectives tied to a different path, more mindful of the environment. To highlight this commitment, and the way in which cinema can still be a key vector of cultural revolution, this year three people from the sector, concerned with green thinking, will be called upon to give an award to the best film, out of ten chosen by the artistic team across all Festival sections: Piazza Grande, Concorso internazionale, Cineasti del presente, even Locarno Kids, because the younger ones are already moving with a different kind of awareness.

Daniela Persico

Discover how Locarno and its awards are getting even greener, with the Pardo Verde WWF and the Green Film Fund